Mapillary App stürzt ab beim Uploaden externer Bilder

20 Jun 2020 - 17:06 | Version 2 |



Again, I have a problems with uploading images from my external LG360 cam. The app crashes about every second sequence I try to upload. It’s quite annoying and time consuming…

Here are the facts I know up to now:

  • It happens with an iPhone SE and with an iPad Air 2 (so its not a device specific problem)
  • Its not a problem of free space on the devices
  • The app crashes not while telling the app that the position of the picture is correct, but afterwards when I try to upload the pictures.
  • On both devices I deinstalled the app and reinstalled it from scratch. The problem did not go away. So: Yes I use the newest version of the app wink
  • After a crash when I restart the app it is unresponsive for 30sec to 5min and the iPhone gets very hot (and uses battery…)
  • Mostly it works on the second try, so it does not seem to be a problem of a specific sequence, but a general upload problem.
  • The crash happens shortly after the screen switched to “uploading”
  • I had the problem with iOS 13.4.x and I still have it with iOS 13.5
  • I assume that the app requests more working memory than iOS is willing to give and so the app crashes.


  • 20.06.2020: Deleted the app on the iPad Air 2 and reinstalled from scratch
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