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Pebble Time

10 Dec 2018 - 23:03 | Version 3 |

Firmware downgrade

Weil die Firmware 4.3 Probleme macht, kann manauch ältere Firmware installieren.


Ladekabel passt nicht an Uhr

Alarm führt zu Reboot der Uhr (statt Alarm)

Gadgetbridge für Android

Firmware-Update abschalten

Old news but if you want the auto update to stop nagging you I found a setting in the "secret settings" page on the phone app. To access it:
  • Open the Pebble phone app
  • Open the Settings tab (top right corner "... " )
  • Using 3 fingers tap 4 times between a setting dialog
  • Go to "3. Debug Settings"
  • Slide the "Auto FW Updates" switch to off.

-- BeatDoebeli - 14 Jun 2015
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