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Why Wiki in School?

Reasons why I like the idea of wiki in education:

  • technology moves to the background: Compared with other tools, the wiki-technology is very simple for ordinary users:
    • No installation of programs on the client computer necessary: Users only need a web browser.
    • Simple handling: After five minutes pupils or students know how to start working and learn the rest on the job. They don't need two hours of technological introduction...
  • The work of students is visible from outside This is (at least in the beginning) a motivation factor.
  • Teamwork is highly supported
  • Teachers get coaches
  • Teachers have the same rights as students have.
  • Wiki doesn't predict or restrict usage. Unlike specialized tools with predefined structures wiki doesn't have much constraints. That's why a wiki can get chaotic but on the other hand a wiki has many possibilities. Perhaps possibiliites no one has ever thought of.
  • The process of structurisation is an essential part of constructivistic learning. (cf "Patterns of Thinking" Biblionetz:b01221 )

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