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Boomeritis, a Novel That Will Set You Free

by KenWilber


Definition of Boomeritis (page 102):
Thus the very high developmental meme of green pluralism becomes a shelter and a haven for a reactivation of the some of the lower and intensely egocentric memes (especially purple and red, as we will see). In green's noble attempt to move beyond conformist rules and ethnocentric prejudices – in short, in green's admirable attempt to go postconventional – it has often inadvertently embraced anything nonconventional, and this includes much that is frankly preconventional, regressive and narcissistic. That strange mixture is boomeritis: high pluralism mixed with low narcissism.

Definition of narcissism (page 44):
The dictionary definition of narcissism is ‹excessive interest in one's own self, importance, grandeur, abilities, egocentrism›. The inner state of narcissism, clinicians tell us, is often that of an empty or fragmented self, which desperately attempts to fill the void by inflating the self and deflating others. The emotional mood is, ‹Nobody tells me what to do!›


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