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The following table is a table in progess
of definement and not a finished, proven
fact. Just to remind you!

Problems of existence/Life conditions

  • If the world is…
  • Lc13: …just this – ONE TASTE – and full of emptyness

  • Lc12: …a place constantly witnessed
  • Lc11: …a space behond our reach, out- and inside of us
  • Lc10: …a universe of single living entities
  • Lc09: …a fragile, complex system and a part of us
  • Lc08: …a planet which is one single living entity (Gaia)
  • Lc07: …in some danger of collapse

  • Lc06: …a planet, that is the habitat of all humanity
  • Lc05: …full of viable alternatives
  • Lc04: …divinely controlled and guilt driven
  • Lc03: …rough and hard like a jungle
  • Lc02: …mysterious and frightening
  • Lc01: …a state of nature

Appropriate Coping System/Organism

  • …then effective people…
  • …are no more, being the one reflecting the none.

  • …let things rise and go by, moving by not moving
  • …search for the lowest common denominator of all manifest
  • …find and unite with other healers
  • …scan the system for wounds to be healed
  • …seek the order beneath earth's chaos.
  • …stand alone to learn how to be free.

  • …join communities to experience growth.
  • …pragmatically test options for success.
  • …obey rightfull higher authority.
  • …fight to survive in spite of others.
  • …placate spirits and join together for safety.
  • …act much like other animals.

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